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Never Shake a Baby campaign a good start


The New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) is pleased that the government is introducing new initiatives to protect our most vulnerable infants. The announcement of the “Never Shake a Baby” campaign and its associated first response community based child abuse prevention trial, extra social work and multi-agency support in hospitals and advisory process on next steps to prevent abuse has been warmly received by many Christian social service providers.

“Christian social service agencies are at the font-line of providing support to those who are caring for vulnerable babies. They are hopeful that the Never Shake a Baby campaign will reduce the incidence of child harm in their communities,” says Trevor McGlinchey, NZCCSS Executive Officer. “However, while this represents a good start we would like to see a wider roll-out of family focussed social services”.

“NZCCSS is advocating for a family support strategy that will ensure all government and community organisations are contributing to building strong and independent New Zealand families,” says Shaun Robinson, NZCCSS President.  “The kind of multi agency support that has been announced for some hospitals should be applied more widely in health, school and community situations. If we are all pulling together to achieve strong and healthy children and capable parents we will quickly make a difference for all New Zealand families”.

“NZCCSS members often work collaboratively with other organisations and know the power of a shared vision and a combined strategy”, said Shaun Robinson. “We believe that now is the time for strong leadership at both community and government level. With this leadership and a shared vision New Zealand can begin to change its woeful record on supporting our families and keeping our babies safe”.

NZCCSS hopes that the process for considering the next policy steps, following on from today’s announcements, will quickly create this kind of direction.

Contact for further information:
Shaun Robinson, NZCCSS President 
(027) 444 6382 – (06) 877 8193
Trevor McGlinchey, NZCCSS Executive Officer
 (027) 286 9393 – (04) 473 2627


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